• Speciality Additives

    Our speciality additives are added to the base polymer during manufacturing process which helps to influence the properties of the final products.

  • R Chem Addwax - PB

    CAS Proprietary

    Helps to improve gloss & surface finish in Black Masterbatches.

  • R Chem Add - A5 (PPA)

    CAS Proprietary

    PFAS Free Polymer Processing Aid (PPA). This Fluorine free PPA enhances polyolefin processing.

  • R Chem Add - PA50

    CAS Proprietary

    New age processing aid for both filler & color masterbatches.

  • Glycerol Monostearate

    CAS 31566-31-1

    Acts as mold release agent & shining agent in PVC (Rigid and Flexible), EVA and other polymer processing.

  • R Chem Addwax - P

    CAS Proprietary

    Improves surface finish & dispersion in PE/PP colour masterbatch & filler masterbatch and acts as a processing aid for colour concentrates.

  • R Chem Add Wax-C

    CAS 110-30-5

    The chemical structure provides the proper solubility & compatibility relationship that enables R Chem Addwax C to function as internal/external lubricant in almost all thermoplastic & thermoset systems.

  • R Chem Add CS - Super

    CAS 1592-23-0

    Low impurity, maintain color stability with excellent lubricity and water repellant.

  • R Chem Add PYN - TS

    CAS Proprietary

    Reduces water carry over problem on high speed tape line at high speed operation. Improves strength of the tape.

  • R Chem Add PT - 16

    CAS Proprietary

    Multi purpose processing aid suitable for highly filled PE/PP compounds & TPE/TPO compounds. Improves homogeneous dispersion of filler and additives.

  • R Chem Add 440

    CAS Proprietary

    Low melting point processing aid. Enables better homogeneous dispersion of pigments, filler & additives. Suitable for PE/PP colour masterbatch/compounds & filled CaCO3/Talc polyolefins compounds.

  • R Chem Addslip - O

    CAS 301-02-0

    Unsaturated fatty acid derived from oleic acid. Oleamide acts as a slip additive in polyolefins. Acts as a lubricant & mould release agent in processing of thermoplastics & thermosets systems.

  • R Chem Addwax - S

    CAS 124-26-5

    Primary fatty acid amide. Stearamide offers anti - block properties for Polyolefins. Acts as lubricant in PVC.

  • R Chem Add ZS - Super

    CAS 557-05-1

    Pure Zinc Stearate manufactured via fusion process by using the highest quality of raw materials. It exhibits excellent lubricating and dispersing properties. It also has excellent water repellent properties.

  • R Chem Add MgS - Super

    CAS 557-04-0

    Magnesium Stearate acts as a drier in paints & coatings. It decreases the drying time. Driers help corrosive paints improve their drying character even at low temperature & in a humid environment.

  • R Chem Add Disperse - 10

    CAS Proprietary

    Additive specially developed for black masterbatch. Improves surface finish

  • R Chem Add Disperse - P

    CAS Proprietary

    Zinc Stearate based additive for highly filled CacO3/Talc based Polyolefins compounds. Improves flow and dispersion of filler & additives.

  • R Chem Add Disperse - C

    CAS Proprietary

    Oleochemical derivative. Suitable for Talc based filler compounds. Improves flow and hence improves the throughput rate of production. Gives best results when used with R Chem Add Disperse - P.

  • R Chem Add GMS

    CAS 31566-31-1

    Glycerol Monostearate (NSE) with 40% min. Monoglycerides. Works as a lubricant for PVC. Acts as an anti static agent in polyolefins based masterbatch. Improves dispersion of dyes & pigments in masterbatch.

  • R Chem Addwax - PE

    CAS 9002-88-4

    Micronized PE Wax finds its uses in applications such as Color masterbatch, Cable compounds, Coatings, Printing inks and many more.

  • Optical Brightener OB

    CAS 7128-64-5

    Optical brightener OB-1 is an oxazole whitening agent with excellent performance. It is mainly used for whitening polyester, ABS, PS, HIPS, PA, PC, PP, EVA, rigid PVC, etc. It can also be used as a fluorescent whitening agent for nylon.

  • Optician Brightener OB - 1

    CAS 1533-45-5

    Optical brightener OB-1 is an oxazole whitening agent with excellent performance. It is mainly used for whitening polyester, ABS, PS, HIPS, PA, PC, PP, EVA, rigid PVC, etc. It can also be used as a fluorescent whitening agent for nylon.

  • Optical Brightener FP 127

    CAS 40470-68-6

    Optical Brightener FP 127 is a good plastic fluorescent whitening agent, which can be used for polymer, paint, printing ink and synthetic fiber whitening, brightening. Mainly used in PVC whitening agent, and artificial leather whitening, especially for a variety of plastics and plastic products have a good whitening effect.

  • R Chem Add Disperse - L

    CAS Proprietary

    Partially replaces (15 - 25%) TiO2 in paints and coatings formulations. Improves optical properties and reduces cost.

  • Antioxidants

    Antioxidants are added to the polymer during processing to inhibit degradation caused by thermo-mechanical stresses.

  • Primary Phenolic Antioxidants

  • Antioxidant 1010

    CAS 6683-19-8

    Antioxidant 1010 (AO 1010) is a high molecular weight hindered phenolic primary antioxidant. It is a highly effective, non-discoloring stabilizer for organic substrate such as plastics, elastomers, synthetics fibres, adhesive and sealant, wax, oil and fats. It protects these substrate against thermo-oxidative degradation.

  • Antioxidant 1076

    CAS 2082-79-3

    Antioxidant 1076 (AO 1076) is a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant. It is a highly efficient and non-discolouring stabilizer for organic substrates such as plastics, synthetic fibres, elastomers, adhesives, waxes, oils and fats. It protects these substrates against thermo-oxidative degradation. Antioxidant 1076 (AO 1076) is odourless, stable to light and has good compatibility with most substrates, low volatility and high resistance to extraction.

  • Antioxidant MD 1024

    CAS 32687-78-8

    Antioxidant MD 1024 is a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant, used in polyethylene wires and cable resins, filled polyolefins, SRB, X-SBR, NBR fuel hoses in contact with copper & in styrene homo and co-polymer.

  • Antioxidant 1098

    CAS 23128-74-7

    Antioxidant 1098 (AO 1098) is a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant, an efficient, non- discoloring stabilizer for organic substrates such as plastics, synthetic fibers, adhesives, and elastomers, and is specifically effective in polyamide and fibers.

  • Antioxidant 1330

    CAS 1709-70-2

    Antioxidant 1330 (AO 133o) is a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant, used in polyolefins e.g. polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene for the stabilization of pipes, moulded articles, wires and cables, dielectric films. In engineering plastics like linear polyesters, polyamides, and styrene homo and copolymers. In PVC, polyurethanes, elastomers, adhesives, and other organic substrates.

  • Secondary Phosphite Antioxidant

  • Antioxidant 168

    CAS 31570-04-4

    Antioxidant 168 (AO 168) is a hydrolytically stable phosphate processing stabilizer. As a secondary antioxidant Antioxidant 168 (AO 168) reacts during processing with hydro-peroxides formed by auto-oxidation of polymers preventing process including degradation and extending the performance of primary antioxidant.

  • Synergistic Blends

  • Antioxidant B215

    CAS Proprietary

    Synergistic blend of Antioxidant 1010 and Antioxidant 168 (1:2)

  • Antioxidant B225

    CAS Proprietary

    Synergistic blend of Antioxidant 1010 and Antioxidant 168 (1:1)

  • Antioxidant B900

    CAS Proprietary

    Synergistic blend of Antioxidant 1076 and Antioxidant 168 (1:4)

  • Antioxidant B921

    CAS Proprietary

    Synergistic blend of Antioxidant 1076 and Antioxidant 168 (1:2)

  • UV Absorbers & HALS

    Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers & UV Absorbers are added to polymer during processing to protect them from the effect of photo-oxidation.

  • HALS 770

    CAS 52829-07-9

    UV 770 is a low molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS). It is a highly effective radical scavenger that protects organic polymers against degradation caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

  • HALS 944

    CAS 70624-18-9

    UV 944 is a high molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS). It shows excellent compatibility, high resistance to extraction and low volatility.

  • HALS 622

    CAS 70198-29-7

    UV 622 is a polymerized hindered amine light stabilizer with high molecular weight, low volatility and low degradation, hardly extractable by water. UV 622 is as effective as an antioxidant and contributes significantly to the long-term heat stability of polyolefins and tackifier resins.

  • HALS 783

    CAS Proprietary

    UV 783 is a synergistic blend of UV 622 and UV 944. It is a versatile light stabilizer with good extraction resistance, low gas fading and low pigment interaction. UV 783 is well suited for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE films, tapes and thick sections and for PP films. UV 783 is also the product of choice for thick sections where indirect food contact approval is required.

  • HALS 292

    CAS Proprietary

    UV 292 is a liquid hindered amine light stabilizer developed especially for coatings. The almost pure mixture of Bis (1, 2, 2, 6, 6-pentamethyl-4-piperidyl) sebacate and Methyl 1,2,2,6,6-pentamethyl-4-piperidyl sebacate keeps the product liquid even at room temperature. The efficiency of UV 292 provides significantly extended lifetime to coatings by minimizing paint defects such as loss of gloss and cracking.

  • UV P

    CAS 2240-22-4

    UV-P is an UV Absorber of the hydroxyphenol benzotriazole class, imparting good light stability to a wide variety of polymers during its use.

  • UV 326

    CAS 3896-11-5

    UV 326 is an UV Absorber of the hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole class, especially suited for polyolefins and cold cured polyesters.

  • UV 328

    CAS 25973-55-1

    UV 328 is a high-performance UV absorber that can effectively absorb 270-340 nm UV light. Its performance is similar to that of UV-326 and UV-327 while better compatibility with the resin, low thermal evaporation and high washing resistance.

  • Fillers & Extenders

    Naturally occurring minerals which helps to reduce cost, improve processing and various other properties. R Chemine Products Private Limited deals in fillers such as Calcium Carbonate, Dolomite, Talc, Barium Sulphate and many more.

  • Calcium Carbonate

    CAS 1317-65-3

    Calcium Carbonate is the most widely used mineral in Plastics. It improves various important properties of the end product and is very economical. R Chemine offers both uncoated & coated Calcium Carbonates of various particle sizes to suit the customers needs.

  • Talc

    CAS 14807-96-6

    Talc is a very important functional filler used in plastics. It helps to increase heat resistance and reduce shrinkage. It is also used as reinforcing filler because of its platy particle size & purity.

  • Sodium Sulphate

    CAS 7757-82-6

    Sodium Sulphate is an engineered anhydrous sulphate salt which is chemically very stable & is unreactive towards most oxidizing or reducing agents at room temperature. It is derived with a unique surface treatment which enhances dispersion during compounding application.

  • Precipitated Barium Sulphate

    CAS 7727-43-7

    Precipitated BaSO4 is commonly used as a filler for plastics to increase the density of the polymer in vibrational mass damping applications. It is resistant to acid and alkalis, and has good weathering resistance and improves opacity.

  • Kaolin

    CAS 1332-58-7

    Kaolin or China clay, is a soft white clay mineral. In plastics, kaolin helps improve mechanical properties, electrical & chemical resistance. It also improves electrical & mechanical properties of wires & cables. R Chemine offers both Hydrous & Calcined Kaolin with a wide range of particle sizes to meet customers requirements.